Piezas CNC motor Honda NSR250 MC28

2T blank plug, NSR250


Replaces the 2T oil injector pump for pre mix use. Secure with liquid gasket such as Three Bond 1104. Must be used with TYLY-0015 Plug holder

Note for blocking the extra 2T feed on later model oil pumps.

On later engines (some MC21 and all MC28, there is an extra oil feed to the cases which can be observed when the oil pump is removed. HRC used to supply a little aluminium plug that you knocked into this extra hole to blank it off. However, that is discontinued so what to do depends on whether the conversion to pre-mix is permanent or not.

If permanant, then we recommend you make sure it’s all clean and degreased, and then fill the hole with epoxy steel. Allow it to cure and it’ll never leak.

If you’re not sure if you’ll ever go back to the oil pump, but would like the option, then we suggest covering the hole with a small thin disc of steel or plastic, and then using a RTV sealant to sort of glue that in place and also block it off. The RTV will stop any leaks, and the small disc will stop any RTV going down the hole. This is then soft enough to be cut away at a later date should you need to.

Compatible products:

TYLY-0015 Plug holder

Collar/manifold Special , NSR250


This is a special replacement part for the NSR250. The manifold has a CNC machined profile, matching the exhaust port exit to allow smooth exhaust gas transition from the cylinder into the expansion chamber. This helps to increase performance from as little as 7,000rpm all the way up to and beyond peak power.

Stephen A’lee of George White Superbikes in the UK independently dyno tested the manifolds on a stock engine MC21, with Stock airbox. The only mods were TYGA pipes.

The red trace shows the above bike using the supplied EXMN-0003 manifold with a peak of 57.2hp.

The blue trace shows the same bike with EXMN-9003 special manifolds fitted. A gain of 1.4hp with no jetting changes.

Compatible with the following TYGA system:




GPS blank plug, NSR250


Replaces Gear Position Sensor for race use. Secure with liquid gasket such as Three Bond 1104. Must be used with TYLY-0015 Plug holder

Compatible products

TYLY-0015 Plug holder

Ignition rotor (track only), Honda NSR250 MC21/MC28


HRC style total loss ignition rotor for the NSR250 MC28.

Simply remove the standard rotor and generator system and fit this super light weight rotor.

Timing position is the same as standard MC28 rotor, but this can of course be adjusted by offset woodruff keys.

For use on NSR250 MC21 an offset woodruff key (2 degree advanced) must be used.

Please note that this rotor is for racing only and cannot be used on the street. It’s use requires that the battery be fully charged and in tip top condition as the charging system is removed and performance relies solely on the battery condition.

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