Válvulas de escape Tyga

** special promotion** TYGA-VHM performance set, Suzuki RGV250 Aprilia RS250

1.505,36 1.239,99

TYGA – VHM performance set, Suzuki RGV250 – Aprilia RS250

For those who want the perfect set! Performance and Looks!!!

Complete set stainless steel exhaust (choice GP style or SBS style)

Complete set VHM cylinder heads

Carbon or carbon/kevlar silencers (2 pieces)

This complete set we offer now for the very special price

Note: Picture shows aluminium silencers this would be carbon or carbon/kevlar

** special promotion** VHM-BILLET powervalve set, Suzuki RGV250 Aprilia RS250

1.145,00 939,01

** Special promotion ** VHM – BILLET Powervalve set,Suzuki RGV250 Aprilia RS250

Complete tuning set for your 2 stroke.

The sets contains:

2x VHM cylinder heads

2x VHM head inserts.

2x Billet powervalve left

2x billet powervalve right

This set is a must for every RS and RGV owner,

The billet CNC powervalves are fully tested on DYNO also on track and street bikes.

I think VHM needs no further introduction, but see video below.

Now we offer this set for an unbeatable price.


Set powervalves TYGA ( 4 pieces), complete CNC billet aluminium, RGV250/RS250

575,00 450,00

set ( 4 pieces), complete CNC billet aluminium powervalves, RGV250/RS250 (alg-10123)

This set of Power valves is the latest version, and can be used for your Suzuki RGV250 or Aprilia RS250. Fully tested on Dyno and used on track and street bikes.

The set is made of CNC billet aluminium and is special coated.

No more problems with the “power valve pin” and having to buy new ones every 15.000 km.

And the risk that a broken power valve will ruin your engine!!

TYGA flywheel/RC valve remover, Honda NSR125/150/250/300


This new, TYGA designed 2 in 1 combination tool is a flywheel puller and RC valve removing tool all in one handy package.

Saves space in your toolbox, and less clutter on the work bench.

How to use:

Familiarise yourself with the parts (see picture).

The tool is delivered ready for use as a flywheel puller. Just screw part “D” into the crank, then wind the (left hand) threaded main body (part “A”) into the flywheel centre and pop the flywheel off by rotating part “B” clockwise. Part “C” is not used.

For removing the RC valve shaft remove part “B” completely and refit from the opposite end, screwing all the way home. Then slide in the part “C”. Position the tool over the valve shaft and wind part “C” onto the RC valve shaft (left hand thread). When fully home just rotate part “B” anti-clockwise to pull out the shaft. The RC valve shaft seal and E-clip will probably be damaged in the process, and should be replaced. Part “D” is not used.

22mm and 19mm spanners (not supplied) are required for correct operation.

*Note* This tool can be used on the NSR150 to remove the RC valve shaft, but will not fit the flywheel. Please use TYTO-0007 for this job.

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