Piezas de carbono Suzuki GT750

Carbon parking brake


Carbon parking brake (alg-10177)

The TYGA Parking Brake is simple but effective and fits pretty much every motorcycle with a hydraulic front brake system, both on and off road. Made from stylish and strong carbon fiber it locks the bike and prevents the bike rolling forward or back while in a parked position. Slip the TYGA Parking Brake into position over the throttle and front brake lever and it will lock the front wheel solid. Useful for a variety of situations:

-When parking on uneven ground, gives peace of mind that the bike will not roll off sidestand

-Useful for locking the motorcycle front wheel during transportation of the motorcycle in or on another vehicle

-Handy for bleeding air out of the front brake system of the bike. Applied over night it will help to squeeze the air to the bleed nipples and reservoir etc.

Don’t worry, it is impossible to forget to remove before riding because it covers the throttle so it has this inherent built in safety feature.

It is one of those things that you probably thought you never needed but once you have this TYGA Parking Brake, you’ll be surpised how handy it is!

Designed by Zanti factory

Mini break reservoir carbon carbon


This mini brake reservoir is the perfect final touch for a race or show bike. This Tyga Performance reservoir, unlike other well-known brands, comes complete with a carbon coated screw-on cap for that ultimate poser point! Now provided with a mini stay to mount to your triple clamp, master cylinder or kill switch.

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