Piezas de carbono Honda VFR400 NC30

ALETA DE TIBURÓN para basculante tyga CARBONO


aleta de tiburón de carbono Esta resistente aleta de tiburón de carbono está diseñada para caber en la parte inferior de la mayoría de los basculantes y se suministra con accesorios de montaje. Dependiendo del diseño, el propio brazo oscilante se puede perforar y roscar (para el modelo de yeso) o en la sección de caja, luego se puede perforar y las tuercas de remache suministradas en el kit se pueden instalar para hacer una instalación profesional y sin problemas.

Carbon (silver) heel guard right, VJ22/ NC30/NC35


Este protector de talón de carbono ligero se puede usar como reemplazo directo del pesado de acero en el VJ22 RGV250. También se puede montar en muchos otros modelos, siendo adecuado para la mayoría de los modelos que tienen bomba de freno Nissin con 45-49 mm. orificios de montaje.

Carbon brake lever protection,

Original price was: 171,08€.Current price is: 115,00€.

Protección de la palanca del freno de carbono
Desarrollado y utilizado en Motogp y el campeonato SBK.
Este producto es una necesidad para todos los ciclistas.
Este protector protege la palanca en caso de accidente. Evita bloquear los frenos delanteros. Está hecho enteramente de carbono y pesa 29 gramos.
El producto total con abrazaderas de montaje pesa alrededor de 90 gramos.
Así que es ligero, fuerte y tiene cierta flexibilidad.
También le da un toque Motogp a tu moto.

Carbon carburettor tray, Honda VFR400/RVF400


The carburetors on the NC30/35 are particularly prone to heat from the engine, which in turn heats up the fuel and lowers efficiency.

The TYGA carb tray for the NC30/35 aids in keeping the heat of the engine away from the carbs, and is fully compatible with all standard components. It will also help with keeping debris away from the carbs, if the carbs are being run full open.

No special tools are required to fit the carb tray.

Carbon chain guard, NC30 NC35


Carbon chain guard for NC30/35. Replace the nasty plastic original one with this lightweight elegant carbon one to help with important unsprung weight reduction. Retains the function of supporting rear brake line. Mounting hardware provided.

Beautiful, perfect fitment and give your bike that HRC look.

Carbon fairing set street , Honda VFR400 NC30


The ultimate faring set for your Honda VFR400 NC30!!

This modern fairing, designed in-house by TYGA Performance, is the culmination of 15 years of experience developing bodywork for the NC30. As well as bringing the NC30 up to date, it also offers a useful weight saving and easy fitment and removal. The kit is supplied with all mounting hardware including carbon fiber side stays and aluminium upper and front stays. The headlights used in this kit, are LED and consist of two units either side with 2 on low and 4 on high beam. The system uses a lot less current than conventional halogen systems while at the same time being discrete but stylish. Please note that the headlights do not comply with road use regulations and are unsuitable for high speed riding on unlit roads.

Like all our fairings, this product uses only the best epoxy resins and high quality fabrics to give a strong, light and flexible panel. All our products are hand made by our skilled craftsmen and are built to a very high standard.

As well as this fairing BPFS-0146 which is made using carbon fiber panels finished in high gloss UV protective clearcoat, we offer a similar product using GRP (glass reinforced plastic) which is primed and ready for paint**. See BPFS-0144

* A clear screen is provided unless you specify tinted in the comment box at check out.

** We recommend trial fitting and making and minor adjustments before painting

Carbon Front fender RC211V, NC23 NC29 NC30


Carbon Front fender RC211V

Will fit the standard MC18/MC21/MC28/NC23/NC29/NC30

Our products are of full carbon and have a perfect finish and fitting.

PLEASE NOTE: all ” TYGA” logo stickers on the carbon products can be easily removed because it is applied last above the clear coat finish.

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