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Kitaco clutch cover Black, Honda Grom 1st + 2nd gen.


Kitaco clutch cover Black, Honda MSX125 GROM 1st + 2nd gen. (msx-10350)

Aluminum black clutch cover kit for the Honda Grom and MSX125 includes everything Honda missed on the Grom cover.

On board paper element oil filter is replaceable just like the big bikes (OEM Honda p.n. 15412-HB6-003)

Removes that heavy oil spinner for faster engine spin up and longer engine life

On board oil cooler ports take clean oil and send through your choice of cooler to the cylinder head for optimum performance

Oil level sight window makes keeping an eye on the critical oil level in your engine extremely easy.

Comes with clutch cover gasket and full English instructions

Installs in minutes!

Kitaco I-Map, Honda MSX125 GROM


KITACO i-Map Fuel Injection Controller

Developed for the Honda MSX125 Grom, giving many choices of fuelling to suit different camshafts, exhausts and big bore engines. And a combination of these upgrades.

The different maps are selected by using DIP switches. Available setting are printed on the unit.

Fitting the i-Map to your MSX Grom requires splicing into the wire harness. Instructions can be seen here:


There is also the option of a custom map. However, this requires the use of the KITACO PC-USB Interface Cable (available separately).

Mapping :

– MAP-1 / Rev limit12000rpm / Normal engineXGPRMuffler

– MAP-2 / Rev limit12000rpm / Normal engine x Camtype1XGPRMuffler

– MAP-3 / Rev limit12000rpm / Normal engine x Camtype2XGPRMuffler

– MAP-4 / Rev limit12000rpm / 133cc / LIGHTBore upXGPRMuffler

– MAP-5 / Rev limit12000rpm / 133cc / LIGHTBore up x Camtype1XGPRMuffler

– MAP-6 / Rev limit12000rpm / 133cc / LIGHTBore up x Camtype2XGPRMuffler

– MAP-7 / Rev limit11500rpm / 164cc / LIGHTBore upXGPRMuffler

– MAP-8 / Rev limit11500rpm / 164cc / LIGHTBore up x Camtype1XGPRMuffler

– MAP-9 / Rev limit11500rpm / 164cc / LIGHTBore up x Camtype2XGPRMuffler

– MAP-10 / Rev limit11000rpm / 181cc / LIGHTBore upXGPRMuffler

– MAP-11 / Rev limit11000rpm / 181cc / LIGHTBore up x Camtype1XGPRMuffler

– MAP-12 / Rev limit11000rpm / 181cc / LIGHTBore up x Camtype2XGPRMuffler

– MAP-13 / User settings Map /

Kitaco oil cooler, Honda Grom 1st + 2nd gen.


Kitaco oil cooler, Honda MSX125 1st + 2nd gen. (msx-10352)

Oil cooler kit Kitaco for MSX Grom 125

A must for high tuned engine like big bore kits.

●bolt-on as exclusive bracket included.

●union bolts adapted for hose rerouting. union bolt is color alumite finish treated

●condensor capacity:75cc

Kitaco PC-USB interface cable, Honda MSX125 GROM


KITACO PC-USB Interface Cable

This interface cable links your KITACO i-Map Fuel Injection Controller to your PC, and allows you to build a custom fuel map.

The necessary software is downloadable from the KITACO website: i-Map Fuel Manager: http://www.kitaco.co.jp/dlservice.html

Takegawa super oil pump, Honda Grom 1st + 2nd gen.


akegawa, super oil pump, MSX125 grom 1st +2nd gen. (msx-10351)

Takegawa high flow oil pump for Honda MSX125 GROM. The high flow oil pump will increase oil flow up to 35%! Highly recommended for those who are planning to bore up their engine, racing, stunt riding, or adding an oil cooler to their Grom. One of the common causes of engine failure on the Grom is oil starvation. The Takegawa oil pump is a cheap and effective modification that you should consider when doing engine upgrades.

TYGA / Kitaco Power up kit «carbon», Honda MSX125 GROM

El precio original era: 856,90€.El precio actual es: 639,00€.

TYGA/KITACO Power Up Kit, Carbon Type

This power up kit is designed to give a significant power boost over stock. Using TYGA Performance and KITACO products, the power of the MSX125 Grom is increased by 25%. Below is the dyno graph. STD vs our full system with carbon silencer, Kitaco type 2 camshaft, i-map (setting #3). Similar results were found with the Moto Maggot and stainess type silencers.


This product consists of the components shown below, namely:

EXPS-0041 Set, Pipe, Full Race System, MSX125 Grom, Carbon Oval/Carbon End Cap

KIT-300-1432010 KITACO Type 2 Camshaft

KIT-763-1432010 KITACO i-Map. Fuel Injection Controller

For those who want a Type 1 camshaft, please put this in the commentbox at check out.


KIT-763-0500900 i-Map interface cable. To adjust the i-map for special setting. Software available on KITACO website.


Fitting this Power Up Kit to your Honda MSX125/GROM gives a significant increase in top end performance and over rev. Peak hp is moved from 7,000rpm (std) up to 8,000rpm, with a 1.6hp gain at peak.

Fitting the i-Map Fuel Injection Controller is a necessary modification to avoid the engine running lean and being damaged. Running the KITACO Type 2 camshaft without the i-Map is NOT an option!

The wire harness requires modification and the documents are included with the kit, or can be viewed here: http://www.kitaco.co.jp/data/product/link/instaling_manual/kitaco_installing_manual_grom_imap.html

The i-Map is shipped with “setting #3” activated. This is the basic map for this kit, but the map can be modified using the optional i-Map interface cable and software downloadable from the KITACO website:

i-Map Fuel Manager: http://www.kitaco.co.jp/dlservice.html

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