Accesorios de escapes Honda VFR400 NC30

DB-killer for stainless exhaust 49mm


Decibel Killer, Silencer, Stainless, 2 Inch

This decibel killer is designed to reduce the noise from TYGA exhausts with 2 inch tail pipes. Suitable for the following models:

EXSL-0017 SUS Oval

EXSL-0040 Silencer, Aluminium, Round, 2″ x 380 mm.

EXSL-0047 Silencer, Aluminium, Round, 2″ x 450 mm.

It will also physically fit the following silencers, but it should not be used with any carbon silencer due to extreme heat buildup. If you like the designs below and would like the DB killer then please request that the silencer be made with stainless steel sleeve instead of carbon. We will advise on price (Stainles version of silencers below inclusive of db killer included will be less expensive than the carbon version excluding the db killer)





Exhaustclamp single 4″ (4 stroke)


Stainless steel clamp. 4″ internal diameter with rubber protection for a firm, but friendly grip on your silencer. Includes mounting bolt, nut and washer.

Compatible with Silencers EXSL-0012, EXSL-0013, EXSL-0022 and EXSL-0023.

Exhauststay carbon, NC30 NC35


Direct replacement for the stock NC30 exhaust stay. This item is ideal for single seat conversions such as the Tyga RC45 style seat cowlings, BPFT-9013. BPFT-9004 and BPCT-9004 and is supplied as part of our RC211V seat conversions for the NC30 and NC35. It is made from 100% lightweight but very stiff carbon fiber composite.

This product also fits the NC35 when using our race exhaust systems and silencers and replaces the stock passenger peg hanger/exhaust stay assembly.



– Dimensiones: 500×700 mm

– Material: Fibra de vidrio

– Densidad: 2,6 g / cm³

– Temperatura de trabajo: hasta 550 grados

– Temperatura máxima: hasta 800 grados

– Adecuado para 2T y 4



En acero inoxidable, con el gancho giratorio y la funda de silicona resistente al calor a 250 ° C.
Adecuado para casi todos los silenciadores de 4t

Longitud total: 80 mm
Diámetro total: 15 mm
Diámetro del alambre: 2,5 mm

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