Piezas de carbono Tyga

Carbon (silver) heel guard right, VJ22/ NC30/NC35


This lightweight carbon heel guard can be used as a direct replacement for the heavy steel one on the VJ22 RGV250. It can also be fitted to many other models, being suitable for most models which have Nissin master cylinders with 45-49 mm. pitch mounting holes.

Note this product is not supplied with STAA-0002 and STAA-0003 step kits but it is supplied with STAA-0004. Please add this product to your cart if you require a right side carbon heel guard for the STAA-0002 and STAA-0003.

Carbon air duct (pair), NC35


These real carbon air ducts are a direct replacement for the cheap and nasty plastic ones the bike is supplied with. Fits in a few minutes and makes a dramatic improvement to the overall appearance of the bike.

Carbon air duct standard, Aprilia RS250


This carbon air duct is the same shape as the stock Aprilia air duct used on the later Mark II RS250 (1998-2008) Suitable for stock bodywork only.

It adds bling factor and weighs only 120 grams!

Update your bike with this great carbon product, direct replacement of the original part

Not suitable for TYGA bodywork kits (BPFS-0100 and BPFS-0101).

Carbon airbox lid, Honda NSR250 MC16/MC18


Race Air Box Lid (Carbon) MC16, MC18

The stock air box is restricted by the size of the inlet holes on the lid which limits the amount of power that can be unleashed from the NSR250. By replacing the stock air box lid with the TYGA Performance version, the inlet to the air box is more than doubled in size and the flow improved by having one large trumpet.

This product is a direct replacement for the stock one and uses all the stock hardware. It even has groove so a perfect seal with the air box can be retained. A mesh is supplied in the air box to hold the stock air filter securely in position.

As well as potential power improvements over the stock air box, there is no denying it certainly looks a lot more trick than the Honda one too!

Carbon carburettor tray, Honda VFR400/RVF400


The carburetors on the NC30/35 are particularly prone to heat from the engine, which in turn heats up the fuel and lowers efficiency.

The TYGA carb tray for the NC30/35 aids in keeping the heat of the engine away from the carbs, and is fully compatible with all standard components. It will also help with keeping debris away from the carbs, if the carbs are being run full open.

No special tools are required to fit the carb tray.

Carbon chain guard “stock”, Honda NSR250 MC21


Chain Guard (Carbon), NSR250 MC21

This carbon chain guard replaces the stock plastic part which after 25 years is starting to look a bit faded and battered on most MC21s. By replacing it with the TYGA part, your swing arm will look fresh and tidy!

Note, this product cannot be used with hugger BPCH-0002 without first modifying it because it uses the same mounting hole as the hugger uses.

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