Silencer stainless steel oval (4 stroke) 2″



Oval four stroke silencer. A tasty addition for your NC30/35 race exhaust system.

Complete stainless steel construction, with 2″ bore.

This is an alternative to our EXSL-0012 Carbon silencer & EXSL-0013 Maggot. While still a race silencer, it is somewhat quieter than the Maggot but still not as muffled as the carbon silencer.

Approx. dimensions of tube: 75mm. X 101mm. X 380mm. ((3″X4″X15″)

This oval silencer is supplied with 1x clamp & 2x springs. Two (stainless) spring hooks are also supplied with the kit, which can then be welded to any other system that may need modification to fit the silencer.

Please add in the comments box provided if the silencer is to be fitted to the left or right side of the motorcycle so we provide a silencer with the badge on the correct side.